Linowes and Blocher LLP (the “Firm”) is liquidating and is no longer providing legal services.  The Firm has filed a state court insolvency proceeding as an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (an “ABC”) in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Case No. 482730V.  On July 15, 2020, the Court assumed jurisdiction over the Firm’s estate.  The Court entered an Order appointing Heather Dlhopolsky as the Assignee to supervise the liquidation proceedings.  By separate Order, the Court authorized employment of Paul Sweeney and the law firm of Yumkas, Vidmar, Sweeney & Mulrenin, LLC as legal counsel to the Assignee.  

The filings in the ABC are publicly available at the Montgomery County Courthouse and copies of all filings are available below.  To open a filing, click on the document name and the selected document will open for you to view and download. 

If you need to speak with someone regarding client or legal matters, please email or call (301) 664-4588.  If you need to speak with someone regarding billing or any other inquiries, please email or call (301) 664-4352.

Official Docket

Docket Sheet (through August 7, 2020)
1-Petition to Assume Jurisdiction (070720)
2-Motion for Special Assignment (070720)
3-Petition to Employ YVSM as Counsel to Assignee (070720)
4-Court's Notice of Case Number Assignment (071320)
5-Order Declaring Debtor Insolvent (071520)
6-Order Authorizing Employment of YVSM as Counsel to Assignee (071520)
7-Line Filing Proposed Notice to Creditors by Assignee (071520)
7(a)-Notice to Creditors by Assignee (executed by Clerk) (071520)
8-L&B-Petition for Authority to Employ Special Counsel re PBGC (071720)
9-L&B-Distress Termination Motion (072020)
10-Notice of Appearance for JBG-7200 Wisconsin LLC (071620)
11-L&B-Motion to Reject Bethesda Office Lease (071620)
12-Line with Proof of Bond (072320)
13-Affidavit of Service of Notice to Creditors (072420)
14-First Supplemental Certificate of Service re E-Mailing Notice to Creditors (072820)
15-Consent Motion for Extension of Time to Respond to Motion to Reject Bethesda Lease (073020)
16-Certificate of Publication (073020)
17-Schedule of Property and Debts filed (073020)
18-L&B-Petition for Authority to Employ IT Service (Keno Kozie) (073120
19-L&B-Second Supplemental Certificate of Mailing Notice to Creditors (073120)
21-Assignee’s Petition for Authority to Employ Withum Smith+Brown, PC as Accountants to Assignee and L&B Title Company (080320)
22-Assignee's Consent Motion to Extend Time for PBGC to Respond to Distress Termination Motion (080320)
26-L&B-Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice of Israel Goldowitz, Esq. of The Wagner Law Group (080720)
27-JBG-7200 Wisconsin, LLC - Consent Motion for Additional Extension of Time (080720)

Unofficial Filings (pending acceptance by the Court)

L&B-Supplemental Certificate of Publication (080720)