Take Necessary Steps to Seek Reductions of Real Estate Taxes in Maryland

December 11, 2011

The 2018 reassessments of properties for real estate tax purposes will be taking place shortly in Maryland. Notices of Assessment will be sent to property owners at the end of this month and the assessed values contained in those Notices will apply to the calculation of taxes for those properties for the 2018-2020 Tax Years. Appeals will be due approximately 45 days after the date the Notices are sent. One-third of the properties in Maryland are reassessed each year. The following areas of Montgomery County are among those facing reassessment in 2018: Laytonsville, Rockville, Colesville, Olney and Gaithersburg. We are also able to file tax assessment appeals in many other Maryland counties.

If you are uncertain as to whether your properties are being reassessed this year, we are able to assist you. If your income-producing property is not being reassessed this year, but you have experienced a substantial loss of income during the current year, you may be able to obtain property tax relief for the remaining year(s) of the current triennial with the filing of a Petition for Review. The deadline to file a Petition for Review is January 2, 2018.

We can assist you with filing your assessment appeals and Petitions for Review. Please contact either Bob Park at rpark@linowes-law.com or (301) 961-5175 or Jessica Lieberman at jlieberman@linowes-law.com or (301) 961-5145 in our Bethesda office.