Upcoming Deadlines for Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County Energy Benchmarking Reports

March 13, 2018

By April 2, 2018, all owners of District of Columbia commercial and residential buildings greater than 50,000 gross square feet must submit their annual energy benchmarking reports to the District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment ("DOEE"). The benchmarking law requires that building owners provide data on the energy and water usage, and information about how the building is used. Benchmarking data is collected and submitted with the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool, which can be accessed from the DOEE website. The data collected is then made available to the public through an interactive mapping tool available on DOEE’s website. DOEE can impose fines up to $100 per day for failure to comply with the benchmarking law.

In Montgomery County, energy benchmarking reports are due on June 1, 2018 for all covered buildings. These include non-residential buildings, or groups of buildings with the same property identification number, greater than 50,000 square feet. Building owners in Montgomery County also use the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager to benchmark and report their data. Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection will send out notices to building owners who fail to timely report benchmarking data. However, the County has the authority to issue fines for continued noncompliance. 

If you are unsure about whether your building is covered by the District's or Montgomery County benchmarking laws, or have questions about benchmarking requirements, please contact us:

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