Anne Arundel County: November 15th Deadline for Land Use Changes

October 21, 2019

Through Friday, November 15, 2019, any property owner in Anne Arundel County may request a land use change for their land. Such changes, if granted, will lead to rezoning of the property, or will bring existing zoning on a property into conformance with the County’s General Development Plan (GDP). 

  • The GDP is the comprehensive plan guiding land use throughout Anne Arundel County. At least once every 10 years, the County must update the GDP.  
  • The new GDP, named Plan2040, is underway with adoption targeted for December 2020.  
  • A significant component of the GDP that affects all land in the County is the revision of the GDP’s Land Use Plan, which guides development patterns, uses and infrastructure in the County.  
  • The Land Use Plan classifies every property in Anne Arundel County into categories, such as residential, rural, natural features, commercial, industrial, maritime, mixed-use, and town center.  
  • Each Land Use Plan classification corresponds to specific zoning districts. Under Maryland law, a property’s zoning must be consistent with the GDP, including the GDP land use map classification for a property. Thus, a property’s land use classification in the GDP will be determinative of the future zoning for that property.

Action is required by November 15 to confirm or change the land use classification for your property. 

If you would like to apply to have your property’s land use classification changed or if you have any questions about the GDP and comprehensive zoning process in general, please contact the following attorneys:

David M. Plott 443.949.3790

Benjamin S. Wechsler 443.949.3128

Megan Roberts-Satinsky 443.949.3791