Montgomery County Planning Board Begins Work on Eastern County Master Plan Update

September 1, 2010

The Montgomery County Planning Board is in the beginning stages of drafting a Master Plan update for the area of the County in the general vicinity of White Oak between Route 29 and the Montgomery/ Prince George's County border (see map below). The Master Plan update effort is referred to as the "East County Science Center Master Plan."

Master Plan Location Map

The East County Science Center Master Plan Location Map, prepared by Planning Board Staff, shows the currently proposed Master Plan boundaries. It is anticipated that the Planning Board will determine the final boundaries for the study area when it returns from its summer break, in early September, and that it will approve the scope of work for the Master Plan update in October or November 2010.

The Master Plan update may present opportunities for owners of properties within the Master Plan boundaries who are seeking to develop and/or redevelop their properties, including the possible rezoning of properties to allow mixed-use development and higher densities than current zoning permits. Also, owners of property within the Master Plan boundaries should carefully monitor the Master Plan update process to determine how the recommendations in the Master Plan update will impact their properties.

If you own property within or near the proposed boundaries, please feel free to contact us to discuss whether this Master Plan update could help you to further your objectives for your property.