Emerging Land Use Issues Seminar Follow-up

August 4, 2010

Two critical land use proposals continue to advance through Montgomery County's legislative process. The first is the comprehensive rewrite of the County's Zoning Ordinance, which will culminate in the rezoning of all property in the County. The second proposal is the County Executive's new Growth Policy test for transportation adequacy, Transportation Policy Area Review (TPAR). Both proposals will impact all new development in the County. Even existing development projects may be affected by the Zoning Ordinance rewrite, with a key unanswered question being if and how such projects will be "grandfathered."

Our law firm recently held its Third R. Robert Linowes Memorial Seminar for its clients, at which key County government staff discussed both emerging land use proposals. Rollin Stanley, Director of the Planning Department, addressed the Zoning Ordinance rewrite. Edgar Gonzalez, Deputy Director of the County's Department of Transportation, Dan Hardy, Transportation Chief of the Planning Department and Mike Faden, Senior Legislative Counsel for the County Council, discussed TPAR and its potential implications. Our firm's website has now been updated to include the key documents and presentations from that seminar.

The following is now available for review and download. Please see links below.

1. On the proposed rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance:

a. Zoning Montgomery: Approach & Annotated Outline Report (April 12,2010), prepared by Code Studio.

b. Chart Showing Conversion of Current Zones to Proposed Zones, prepared by Code Studio.

2. On the new Growth Policy test for transportation adequacy:

a. Moving Toward A New Transportation Policy Area Review (TPAl 19, 2010R) (Apri), prepared by County's Department of Transportation.

b. Seminar PowerPoint Presentations on TPAR from Edgar Gonzalez, and Dan Hardy.

Because of the critical importance of each proposal, our firm will likely conduct an additional seminar later this Fall to update our clients on both issues. Details on that seminar will be emailed when available.