2010 Primary Election Candidates

August 2, 2010

As election season is upon us, we have posted on our website those running for local office in Anne Arundel, Frederick, Montgomery, Prince George's and Charles Counties in Maryland. Please be aware that Maryland has campaign finance legislation limiting political contributions (Md. Code Annotated, Election Law Section 13-226). A quick summary of these limitations is below, however, you should read the law carefully to assure you are within its limits.

  • Individuals may not (in an election cycle) make aggregate contributions in excess of $4,000 to any one campaign finance entity, $10,000 to all campaign finance entities, or a contribution of money in excess of $100 except by check or credit card.
  • Corporations: Contributions by a corporation and any wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporation, or by two or more corporations owned by the same stockholders, shall be considered as being made by one contributor.

"Election cycle" means the period that begins on the January 1 that follows a gubernatorial election and continues until the December 31 that is 4 years later. The current election cycle is January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2010.