Anne Arundel County Enacts Major Development Fee Reduction

January 27, 2016

Anne Arundel County collects a "Capital Facility Connection Charge" on new commercial, industrial, and residential development in order to recover costs associated with its water and sewer infrastructure.  These fees were among the highest in the State of Maryland.

The Anne Arundel County Council passed two bills in its last two sessions that lower the development fees, and also provide developers some timing options for  the "testing" of the adequacy of public facilities. Together, these bills lower the fees significantly (25%), allowing for more competitive development, and provide much needed flexibility for those needing to vest the adequacy of water and sewer capacity.

The bills will become law forty-five (45) days following signature by the County Executive. For projects where CFCCs have been paid but a building permit has not been issued, there is a limited opportunity to apply for a refund. 

Linowes and Blocher's Annapolis Office has been closely tracking this legislation for our clients. Please contact us to discuss your options and rights with respect to permitting and refund applications. Additionally, if you wish to discuss these bills or their impact on your projects, please call the attorneys listed below: 

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