2012 Maryland Property Tax Assessments Coming Soon

December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! With the New Year will come the new real property tax assessments for one-third of commercial and residential properties in the State of Maryland. The assessments will be for the 2012-2014 triennial period. The assessment notices will be mailed towards the end of this month and should be received shortly after the New Year.

With declining real estate values and increasing expenses facing owners of property in Maryland, it is extremely important to carefully review each notice of assessment to evaluate whether it fairly represents the current market value of the property. Being able to receive a reduction in the tax assessment, and thereby reduce the amount of the tax liability associated with a property, can be an effective way to reduce expenses in these difficult times.

The notice of assessment will specify a relatively short period of time in which to note an appeal (45 days from the date of the notice of assessment, which will be on or about February 11, 2012), so it is extremely important to promptly forward copies of those notices to us when received. We can then evaluate them and make our recommendations to you as to whether appeals should be filed.

For additional information regarding appeals of real property tax assessments, please contact:

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